Distracted Edit Pack

Distracted Edit Pack

here’s something a little bit different to what Distracted usually release! in this pack you can find 12 mashups & edits from Distracted & the boys that should spice up your sets a little bit more! (Jaiden Kyle, Weeeds, Sam Maguire & Levity). Download and enjoy:

Truth Hurts Lovin’ You (Weeeds UK Edit).mp3
Wet Look (Distracted Edit).mp3
WGGDFR (Distracted Edit).mp3
Just Tech Friends (Weeeds Edit).mp3
Midnight Hour (Jaiden Kyle Edit).mp3
Move Your Feet (Jaiden Kyle Mashup).mp3
Oh My Mind (Distracted Edit).mp3
Dance Monkey Revolt (Weeeds 110 Edit).mp3
Florence And The Parade (Sam Maguire Edit).wav
Hollywood’s Jungle Bleeding (Sam Maguire Edit).wav
15 Black Skin Hours (Sam Maguire Edit).wav
Party up x Don’t need you (Levity Edit).wav

Download Distracted Edit Pack (mp3 tracks):

Download Distracted Edit Pack

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