DuyB Mashup Edit Pack

DuyB Mashup Edit Pack

DuyB Mashup Edit mp3 Tracklist :

01. Giant Surya Trump-It (DuyB Intro Edit)
02. Em Bỏ Hút Thuốc Chưa (DuyB Mashup)
03. Get Down Devotion (DuyB Mashup)
04. Goose Bumps Bubble (DuyB Edit)
05. Don’t Lead Me Luna (DuyB Mashup)
06. Handup Like This (DuyB Mashup)
07. Hit Road Jack (DuyB Mashup)
08. Hypebeat Down The Sun (DuyB Mashup)
09. I Wanna Luna (DuyB Mashup)
10. Intention (DuyB Mashup)
11. Keep On Rockin’ Up (DuyB Mashup)
12. La La Pearl (DuyB Mashup)
13. Light My Dody Up NBA (DuyB Mashup)
14. Loose Smoke That (DuyB Mashup)
15. Lười Yêu (DuyB Mashup)
16. Macarena Flow Motion (DuyB Mashup)
17. Physical (DuyB Mashup)
18. Quá Bảnh (DuyB Mashup)
19. Queen Move (DuyB Mashup)
20. Rinse & Dat Booty (DuyB Mashup)
21. S.O.S-G (DuyB Mashup)
22. Sweet Dreams Piece Of Your Heart Blow (DuyB Mashup)
23. Symphony Horns (DuyB Edit)
24. Taki Better When You’re Gone (DuyB Mashup)
25. Talk Intersteller Stay (DuyB Mashup)
26. Tell You (DuyB Mashup)
27. Who Dance Monkey (DuyB Mashup)
28. Woa 17 (DuyB Mashup)

Download DuyB Mashup Edit Pack Part 1:

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Download DuyB Pack Part 2:

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