NicJohnston & Friends Haloween Mashup Pack

Whith this NicJohnston & Friends (Crunkz, Fabian Farell, Vol2Cat, WhyNot, SammyBoyle, Luke&Tobe) suggests making your DJ set better.

Included tracks:
1. ACDC vs Oldskool (Melodie Rush Mashup)
2. Steff Da Campo & TJ – Gin & Vodka vs More Than You Know (MR Mashup)
3. Tatanium vs Damaskus (NicJohnston Mashup)
4. Vol2Cat – Hoon vs I love it (NicJohnston Mashup)
5. Sack von Udo vs Inxoticated (Nic Johnston Mashup)
6. Wiz Khalifa vs Raven (Nic Johnston Mashup)
7. Old Town road vs Vol2Cat (Vol2Cat & Nic Johnston Mashup)
8. Save A Piece Of Your Heart (Sammy Boyle & Nic Johnston Mashup)
9. Wow Opal (Sammy Boyle & Nic Johnston Mashup)
10. Tremor Power VIP (Sammy Boyle & Nic Johnston & Coby Watts Mashup).mp3
11. Alice Deejay Vs. Nicky Romero – Better Of Alone In The Deep Dark Jungle (Fabian Farell Edit)
12. Cat Dealers Vs. ZOOTAH – Infinity On Fire (Fabian Farell Edit)
13. Faithless Vs. Hardwell – Insomnia Ain’t A Party (Fabian Farell Edit)
14. Cant hold my Feel (Luke&Tobe Edit)
15. Love me again and Go (Luke&Tobe Edit))
16. L Amour Pump it Up (Luke&Tobe Edit)
17. Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens – I Love It (Vol2Cat Edit)
18. Weiss (UK) vs. Gorgon City – Feel My Needs (Vol2Cat VIP Edit)
20. All I do is Deep Down Low (Why Not Mashup)
21. Trouble Whiper (Why Not Mashup)
22. 1-2 Polizei (Why Not Mashup)
23. Jay-Z & Kayne West vs. Seth Hills & Crime Scene vs. DJ Enferno – Niggas in Paris vs. Echo (Crunkz Edit)
24. DJ Snake, J. Balvin, Tyga & Cedric Gervais vs. Brooks & Jonas Aden – Loco Contigo vs. Riot (Crunkz Edit)
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