WhoRattleWho (Fernando Deluz Mashup)

Dj Fernando Deluz
Dj Fernando Deluz – WhoRattleWho (Fernando Deluz Mashup)
Genre: Electro House
Deluz Fernando began his career as a DJ in the early 90s, the state capital. Over 13 years of road Deluz has been highlighting the electronic music scene in his sets to merge releases, remixes and trends with propriety. After computer inventory he realized that electronic music making on digital format. It’s a sound fully focused on the dance floor, the idea is not to let anyone stopped. In this curriculum paulistano houses and festivals are important from north to south, as HOUSE4LIFE (Rio de Janeiro), Havana Club, Toy Club and Liverpool (Maceió), Na Balada (Porto Alegre), Open Air Party (Senador Amaral) Ritz Disco Lounge (Tocantins), Saturday Night (São Paulo), Baretto-Londra – Hotel Fasano, Café Del Mar, OX (RJ), among others. Eye on the electronic music scene and aiming higher flights, Fernando Deluz update their knowledge all the time, now facing the music production course taught by Home Studio (RJ), through which the DJ learns and develops techniques for producing electronic music, sonar, pro tools and sound forge.
Deluz also gaining space Vips celebrity parties. Among which, the presenter Ana Maria Braga, actresses Carolina Ferraz and Karina Bacchi, journalist Adriana Colin and model Ellen Roche. What makes it different is precisely his profound knowledge and his peculiar ability to transcend the obvious.
On his show, the DJ presents the best in Techo Electro-House, technique that uses beats 4/4, usually 128-130 beats per second, measuring bases synthesized harmoniously rich with some psychedelic elements, strong bass, vocals and occasional breaks compass.
Anyway, the DJ-producer Fernando Deluz offers a presentation that has enormous flexibility both repertoire as long (30 minutes to 3 hours), and its presence fits in any event that is open to mixtures, new trends or purely good and indispensable musical entertainment in a fun dance floor. Vale have it behind the pick-up.

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