VA – Remix Collection Vol. 3

VA Remix Collection Vol. 3

Perc Trax
Ed Rush & Nico – Defect – Peter Van Hoesens Twisted Spine Remix
Perc – BCG – Milton Bradley Critical Level Remix
Forward Strategy Group – Code#01 – Donor & Truss Remix
Go Hiyama – Mathematical Accuracy – Norman Nodge Dub
System Beater – Beat The System – Russ Gabriel Remix
Kyle Geiger – Ode To The Elders – Perc Remix
Perc – Work Softer – Matador Remix
The Delta – YouRso – Metalogic Remix
BCR Boys – Coded By The Girl In Red – Sawf Remix
RedSound – Pink Body – Mr. Magma Remix
Perc Trax’s 3rd collection of it’s greatest remixes without new heavy metal release. Featuring Peter Van Hoesen, Milton Bradley, Norman Nodge, Perc, Donor/Truss, Sawf, Russ Gabriel, Matador, Kyle Geiger and many more

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