Umek – Circles Of Hell

Umek - Circles Of Hell

Umek – Circles Of Hell
Umek – Circles Of Hell (Sebastien Leger Remix)
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Umek - Circles Of Hell

Release Notes :

Were back and badder than ever with a brand new single from label boss Umek.
Following on from his hugely acclaimed LP debut on the label, were proud to
present “Circles of Hell”, a dark, throbbing and (as always) pounding piece of
modern techno-in the typical 1605 fashion. As if this wasnt enough to make
headlines, weve gone ahead and added Sebastien Leger to the bill, securing a
top notch re-interpretative version as well. Adding some very effective and well
thought out percussion and live drum instrumentation, Sebastien turns the track
on its head and delivers a classy and very catchy remix that augments the
release as well as staying faithful to the original (and 1605) sound! Look out!

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