Tom Hades – Jack This

Tom Hades - Jack ThisRhythm Converted
Tom Hades – Jack This
Tom Hades – Jack This (Loco & Jam Remix)
Tom Hades – Barnes Bachelor
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Tom Hades - Jack This

Release Notes :

Rhythm Converted is a new label from Belgian techno guru, Tom Hades. Having
created (with Marco Bailey) the Rhythm Convert label in 2004, Rhythm Converted
represents a new chapter in the history of the innovative and forward-thinking
approach the label has always pushed.

Having burst on to the techno scene via his I Love Techno collaboration with
Marco Bailey, Tom Hades has been at the centre of the techno scene since 2001.
Working as a solo artist and with Marco Bailey, Tom has created an impressive
catalogue of tracks on labels such as Drumcode, MB Elektronics, 8 Sided Dice,
Naked Lunch and Hell Yeah.

Jack This is a typically powerful and funky slice of peak-time techno from Tom
Hades. The main hook comes from a big descending siren that is worked in around
the groove and succession of drops and builds.

Loco & Jam (1605, MB Elektronics) are selected for remix duties fresh from
winning best new artist at the 2010 Irish Dance Music Awards. Their mix takes
the groove deeper but still retains the incendiary edge.

Barnes Bachelor rounds off the package with its linear, driving groove and
gentle melodic shifts that lift up the darker, brooding undertones of the
bassline. A subtle but effective track for the longer sets / early hours.

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