Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Eric Mendosa Remix)

Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Eric Mendosa Remix)

Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Eric Mendosa Remix)

Genres: Progressive House

Some musical pieces follow us in history, growing and moving along with time. One of them is ‘Greece 2000’. There’s something everlasting about this Three Drives On A Vinyl classic, first released in 1997. Now Eric Mendosa making bomb remix on Three Drives – Greece 2000. Great rmx for old scool theme.
Neither wordpress web designer sitting without work. Thanks to the football championship in Greece. Musicmakers too. No exception and Three Drives.
The duo is made up of Erik De Koning (a.k.a. Enrico) and Ton van Empel (a.k.a. Ton T.B.).[1] Their best-known tracks are “Greece 2000” (originally released in 1997 by Massive Drive Recordings, with more mainstream releases on ZYX Music and Hooj Choons) and “Sunset on Ibiza”.
Badly labelled track listings on certain compilation albums, have resulted in some confusion over whether the true name of this artist is ‘Three Drives’ / ‘Three Drives on a Vinyl’ or ‘Greece 2000’. In 1999, they released an album named 2000, with several tracks with a “2000” theme.
Their correct name was originally 3 Drives on A Vinyl, in reference to the ability of the two band members to run three turntables at once. Confusion in the band’s use of the adjectival “A” (incorrectly taken to be the indefinite article “a”) has caused the name to sound meaningless when represented as ‘3 Drives on a Vinyl’. Therefore, early production company track listing staff, were naturally inclined to resort to the understandable ‘Greece 2000’ when listing the artist’s name, and to assume that it was simply the track name that was odd (and despite the clear reference of ‘Greece 2000’ to a notion of place and time that influenced the recording). The use of the number “3” rather than the full word is less certain, but its visual echo of the special use of the letter “A” later in the name is convincingly attractive. Ongoing confusion may have led the band to a pragmatic decision to now market themselves as “Three Drives”

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