Tapesh And Maximiljan – Wide Range

Tapesh And Maximiljan - Wide Range EP

Snatch! Records
Tapesh And Maximiljan – Tool De France
Tapesh And Maximiljan – Wide Range

Snatch! Records latest “Wide Range EP” from Germany’s Tapesh & Maximiljan experiences a slow loosening of its electronic restrictions, enjoying a thumping Chi-Town house vibe.
The double a side on Riva Starr’s exciting label is vibrant techno that rolls with percussive swagger and earthy filtered sonics, while knocking in-offensivly at french house’s door. Both “Wide Range” and “Tool de France” have intricate sounds and timbres, blending eerie bass tones with murky elastic drums grooves. “Wide Range” is tech house that’s both fun and funky, using a wheezing bassline to stick to a groove-laden agenda, before Tapesh’s trademark tension builds brilliantly. The energy, force and moment is all kept up whilst that all-important layer of funk is supplied by some rather seductive percussion programming.
In true Snatch! tradition, Tapesh and Maximiljan stay playful and team up for a loopy two tracker that engages with fresh sounds holding on to a summery vibe.

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Tapesh And Maximiljan - Wide Range

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