Robert Babicz – Remote Kiss EP

Robert Babicz - Remote Kiss

Robert Babicz – Remote Kiss
Robert Babicz – The Sun
Robert Babicz – Simple Feeling

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Robert Babicz - Remote Kiss EP

ROBERT BABICZ REMOTE KISS EP SUPPORTED BY: john digweed, pete tong, sasha, pig & dan, hernan cattaneo, henry saiz, james zabiela, motor city soul, guy j, martin eyerer, king unique, christian smith, wally lopez, timo maas, mauro picotto, nick warren, hector romereo, sander kleinenberg, x-press2, jody wisternoff

Fresh from the overwhelming success of his ?Immortal Changes? artist album on Systematic, Robert Babicz presents his brand new label ?Babiczstyle?. Babiczstyle has been launched by Robert as a means for him to unleash some of the large archive of work that he has written for his live sets, he explains ?I see the label as a platform, where I release only my own music and collaborations. I do this to have a platform with the highest possible audio quality and have a place for me and my friends to release our music.?

To kick things off, Robert brings us his stunning ?Remote Kiss? EP. A sensei in the art of sound production, Robert?s search for sonic perfection always results in us being treated to the most wonderful of listening experiences. Our three track selection opens with the title track, ?Remote Kiss?. From the opening throb of the bassline and meteoric horn stabs we are instantly drawn into the music. Robert is undoubtedly a master at harnessing the energy of tough, abrasive sounds and weaving them together with the most delicate and beautiful of melodies. Each track is constructed with many layers and it?s this attention to detail that we love him for.

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