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Ran Shani – Classics – Paolo Mojo Remix

We are back for the hottest and craziest month of the summer!
Ran Shani’s “Classics” was indeed one of the tunes at this year’s WMC and we are bringing it to a new life with some super remixes!

First up is Paolo Mojo. A man who has been moving crowds all over the world with his brilliant dj sets and productions! He takes this onto another level with a cosmic arpeggio line and clear, driving beats an a pulsating bassline till the epic breakdown, where he introduces the piano riff and builds back the tension and then goes boom!Fantastic!

Label head honchos Alex & Filip under their new Diskonekted guise are in full big room prog mood, but with summer flavour! A chunky groovy and the heavy bassline go hand in hand with the warm chords and synth bleeps. A perfect soundtrack to your summer nights! Warm!

Red Axes opt for a deeper but techy interpretation. Deep and warm chords, strings and a rolling techhouse groove make this an essential tool! This one will appeal to lots of dj as it’s equally perfect for warm ups and peak-time or afterhours sets. Superb.

The P.T.M. remix has a teched out groove that slowly builds till the big, really big breakdown. This is where the piano drops in followed by the strings, apreggio and percussion. When the groove kicks back in, it all strips back once again and builds up again. Epic.

And as the last one on this pack: the beautiful original. Played by everyone from Sasha to Jody Wisternoff, among others: this certainly needs no other words. Classic indeed!


Tom Findlay (Groove Armada): Supporting!!!


Cid Inc: Paolo Mojo and Red Axes mixes for me, good stuff.

Chloe: really good stuff. rex axes is great. and classic original is good. all have great qualities tho.

Robert Owens: all mixes cool

Stuart Millar: lush tune thank you!

Adam Roberts: Support!

Funkagenda: cool track, supporting

Danny Graham: P.T.M mix is superb!

Hans Tavera: Difficult to choose best remix!, all are super work with the best vibe from ran shani!

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta: Paolo Mojo remix is HUGE!

Kenneth Thomas: Nice well rounded package, definitely a few to support in here.

Desyn Masiello: Supporting!

Steve Haines: Excellent package, loving the Paolo Mojo and Diskonekted remixes the most. Full support

Dibby Dougherty: Paolos mix for me is the pick of the bunch, BIG sounds, will be playing this more than Alex plays with himself

Miss Nine: very nice EP!

Facundo Mohrr: P.T.M. & Diskonekted are amazing! will play for sure! thanks!

Mark Knight: Great Original and these mixes work too!!!!!

Daniel Mehes: Red Axes and Paolo’s works are good tracks. impressive stuff. I feel so many summer’s vibes in the back, its nice thanks!

Richie Hartness: Quality all the way!

DJ Tarkan: Supporting.

Paul ph factor Hughes: what an absolute stunning tune, the only problem im having is which is my fav mix, all i will be supporting in mysets and on my radio show over the coming weeks / months. thankyou paul ph factor hughes

Tim Richards: great release, thank you!

Jay Kaufman: I’ve been playing the original mix of this pretty heavily. Paolo Mojo’s remix is pretty solid, but I think the original is better. PTM’s remix is probably the best of the bunch outside of the original.

Axwell: thanks! will check them out

Pena: amazing rmx work from all. Paolỏ‘s hit the money here but all others are good too. Summer time. thx

Martin Thompson: The best mix is still original for me.

Darin Epsilon: The Red Axes remix is stunning! The whole package is great but I think I’m most likely to play the Diskonekted remix in my sets. Will consider for my August chart!

Raymundo Rodriguez: Feeling the original and Red Axes remix

Aldrin: Nice summery vibes

Ignas: Still prefer the original! Thanks.

Chris Luzz: none of these come close to beating the original..original still rocks my world

Dave Lambert: great record!

Hernan Rodriguez: paolo mojo’s mix is today’s pick but Diskonekted and Red Axes mixes are doing the business too !

Nutritious: All solid. All will be in rotation.

Dimitri Nakov: Paolo Mojo.. On it!

John Jones: Original is killer!

Kastis Torrau: Paolo Mojo remix is for me…will drop it many times for sure.

Dj Aleksij: Very good remix from mr.MOJO!

Matt Cerf: Supporting.

Emilio Vega: Paolo Mojo rocks!

Logiztik Sounds: nice ep, will support!

Enzo Plastik (Plastic Fantastic): very strong mixes

Emma: Classics-love it! Original and remix from Paolo Mojo will play for sure!

Bogdan Taran: Original definitely is great track. besides that I like Diskonnekted remix because of it’s airy vibe and PTM version which is very Sumemrish indeed.

Manchini: I like the whole thing how Diskonekted remixed it for deeper grounds, very good sounding, warm and groovy. And of course Original mix does it all! Thanks!

Uncle Roll: Nice remix, keep it up guys! Good ep:) Summer vibes on air.

Leonardo Tou: Diskonekted & Red Axes Remixes for me

Matt Black: Nice summery vibes on the Diskonekted remix and love the build up on Mojos as well

Hisham Zahran: all remixes are amazing, thanx for these guys

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