Puresang ft Shermanology – Now or Never

Puresang ft Shermanology - Now or Never
PURESANG ft Shermanology – Now or Never
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PURESANG is a collaboration of two DJ’s and a guitar player.
A blend of soulful house and uplifting club with live guitar sounds.
When Phil Karis, a professional guitar player who studied guitar in Hollywood, met the DJ brothers Pablo and Niels Lücker, something special was born. Their affiliation with music, design and performing arts, made it feel like love on first sight. A natural chemistry.
Sharing music is their biggest passion. “We want other people to enjoy music in the same way we do. As our name PURESANG states, we do this with love and complete dedication.”
In these digital times, the implementation of real live instruments is hard to find. We want to bring back the special energy of live performance. The interaction between DJ & Guitar make PURESANG an ultimate club experience.


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