Nick Mentes – The Dooor

Nick Mentes - The Dooor

17:44 Records
Nick Mentes – The Dooor – Bicycle Corporation Remix

17:44 Records is proud to present Paris-based hotshot Nick Mentes with his debut solo release “The Dooor” for their 27th release! The Dooor is everything! The Dooor is all that once was and all that will be! The Dooor controls time and space! The Dooor controls love and death! The Dooor can see into your mind! The Dooor can see into your soul! And The Dooor includes some pretty hot remixes by the misterious ‘Mister Finley’ and his unique love for unicorns and the beloved ‘Bicycle Corporation’. Love it!

Bicycle Corporation Remix support by:
Mastiksoul (4Kenzo, PT)
Joachim Garraud (FG DJ Radio, FR)
Jesse Voorn (Stealth Records, NL)
Benny Royal (Nervous Records, NL)
Mark Bale (17:44 Records, DE)
Dan Marciano (FG DJ Radio, FR)

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Nick Mentes - The Dooor

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