Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter – Muzik

Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik

Systematic Recordings
Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter – Muzik (Version 1)
Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter – Muzik (Kink Remix)

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Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik

Systematic are showing no signs of letting their guard down on their 70th release – a collaboration between label owner Marc Romboy and Detroit techno don, Mr. Blake Baxter. The ‘Muzik’ EP is house music in it’s purest form, with the original title track featuring an array of synths, soft claps and drum patterns which are complemented by a clearly spoken vocal about ‘that feel good, underground music from back in the day, that makes you reminisce’.

Having clearly lost none of his penchant for nostalgic verses (see Baxter’s collaboration with Abe Duque on ‘What Happened’), ‘Musik’ is produced it seems, as a walk down memory lane for Baxter with Romboy supplying the contemporary edge. Nice work and a valuable addition for anyone looking for a laid back vocal offering to complement their sets.

Every now and then a producer crops up out of nowhere and demands your listening attention via a crop of well manufactured, catchy releases. If you haven’t heard of rising Bulgarian producer KiNK yet, consider this a worthy introduction. He sparkles his magic over the original via a groovy and melodic baseline of the type he’s become renowned for of late.

Just like his remix of Jackname Trouble’s ‘Light Again’ (as well as his recent offerings on Ovum), this remix acts as further proof of why his is a name that’s been banded around the underground electronic scene with serious enthusiasm right now. With a fondness for old school vibes that seems to have struck a chord in dance music right now, KiNK’s time has certainly arrived.

A fantastic offering which represents both the old and new techno guard with aplomb.

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