Kryder vs Master At Work – Vyper Work (Fabien Jora Bootleg)

Kryder vs Master At Work - Vyper Work (Fabien Jora Bootleg)
Kryder vs Master At Work – Vyper Work (Fabien Jora Bootleg)
Electro House
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To create the kind of music does not necessarily learn computer system administrator buziness. Do not even know how to play a musical instrument. It’s enough to have the skills of a PC user, use the software and you need to have talent. Тhe network has a lot of video courses on this thread. Therefore, the main you have to do so is the desire. Naturally the first time the masterpiece will not work but persistence and work paying off. The greatest difficulty for new authors is correct melody and rhythmic organization of the lack of a sense of form. To address these shortcomings can be.
Download any application where there is a drum kit with ready-made rhythms. Start the drum part.
Read aloud a poem of his own composition may be, can any author, most importantly, that the words in the poem easily blabbed, it should be remembered that one line of the poem corresponds to a musical phrase. That is, one line should be placed in two or four strokes. Says a text as long as the rhythm of the melody of your future.

Harmony – the science of complex rules and a million there, and if in the process of composing music you want to break the rules, and the melody from this will be only more beautiful, you can safely trust your intuition and hearing, but rather a more detailed study harmony. Do not try to immediately write a masterpiece, better discipline yourself to write every day one or two of the eight clock is not complicated melodies that are sure to write down and memorize by heart and then over time you will be able to create a work that will take its rightful place in the world musical culture.

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