Khainz – Remodul8 -The Remixes

 Khainz - Remodul8

Echoes Records
Khainz – Concentr8 – Magitman Remix
Khainz – Detuner – Marco Dassi Pallinaro Remix
Khainz – Edit 42 – Alex Di Stefano, Simone De Caro Remix
Khainz – Edit 42 – Andrea Mattioli, Andrea Di Rocco Remix
Khainz – In The Jungle – Jill Bellac Remix
Khainz – Low Frequency Oscillator – Piatto Remix
Khainz – Modul8 – Fiord Remix
Khainz – This Is Whitenoize – Dyno Remix
Khainz, Kore – Mr. Mystery – Phunk Investigation Remix

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that we at Echoes Records present to you with this brand new & exciting new album, Khainz – Remodul8 -The Remixes
Khainz is the project of prominent Swiss based producer Simon Schwendener, his long awaited debut album Modul8 was released in July 2009 and was an instant success among the global electronic music fans and especially among pretty much all of the leading DJ’s & Producers roaming planet earth and those who use provigil.
Remodul8 is the latest installation from Khainz featuring 9 previously unreleased remixes by a wide range of successful producers. the result is astonishing.
Remodul8 includes remixes by Dyno, Fiord, Marco Dassi, Jill Bellac, Alex Di Stefano & Simon De Caro, Phunk Investigation, Piatto, Andrea Mattioli & Andrea Di Rocco and Magitman.
A solid combination of massive driving Progressive House & Techno realms, all different & infectious, guaranteeing an adventure to everyone attempting to listen to this roaring release

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