Joy Kitikonti – Vibra

Joy Kitikonti - Vibra

Inside Orion Minimal Muzik
Joy Kitikonti – Vibra
Joy Kitikonti – Vibra (Danilo Vigorito Remix)
Joy Kitikonti – Vibra (NSKj Remix)

Musician, dj and producer, Joy Kitikonti is a polyhedric artist with several discographic successes, important partnerships and awards in his background. All these experiences made him the complete artist of today. Joy has already released hundreads of tracks during the latest years, both under his real name and under different pseudonyms; he was a producer for BXR label (MediaRecords),Metempsicosi Music, Orion Muzik, Analytictrail, Mindshake, Mazoomlab, Moovment, Eukahouse, Scandium, Grasp, Bluefin, Nervous and many more..

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