Faustix & Imanos – Echoes EP

Faustix & Imanos - Echoes EP

Faustix & Imanos – Echoes EP

Release date: 15/8/2013

Genres: Electro House

Released by: Jeffree’s

Faustix & Imanos vs Dragonette – Run Run Run The Trap


Faustix & Imanos – Echoes feat. Data Romance


LIPS – Everything To Me (Faustix & Imanos Remix)


Faustix & Imanos have a knack for transferring vocals to new places and spaces and on their debut Jeffree’s EP titled Echoes, they’ve done just that. LIPS’ tune “Everything to Me” is a guilty pleasure you’d hear while shopping with your girlfriend but be too embarrassed to Shazam. The Faustix & Imanos remix lands it into a perfect space of female acid pop that we can’t seem to take off of repeat.

Next up, the duo work dark magic to bring you “Echoes feat. Data Romance,” an original tune where Data Romances’ haunting vocals meet a side-chained electrical surging bassline. Her simple yet deep voice somehow creates amazing contrast with the harder synths in the drop.

“Run Run Run The Trap” is a re-imagining of the Dragonette original “Run Run Run.” It reminds me of what La Roux’s music would sound like if she grew up in “The Bluff,” boasting dark pop 80’s pop with frantic hi-hats and 808 kicks.

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