DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle

DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle
DirtyBeats – What’s Happen
DirtyBeats – Shiaww
DirtyBeats – Carnival Trip
DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle (Tom Piper Remix)
DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle (French Fries Remix)
DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle (Swick Remix)
DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle (Slap & Dash Remix)

Scattermusic here, with our next release, put out for FREE for you, it’s time for another heater of a release that’s already been getting great support and love from anyone who’s heard it. expect big club tunes and a really individual style of raw and twisted dance beats from Mexican based duo DirtyBeats. Hailing from Tijuana, we’re putting out their first release, a 4-track ep packed with 4 more remixes of the title track, “Alone In The Jungle”:::
Tom Piper – check it for the big hit club tune
French Fries – bit of minimal and suspense
Swick – tropical club stuff
Slap & Dash – ghetto hip hop/dance styles

The originals are all kinds of great too…
Alone In The Jungle – great drums and twisty bass
Whats Happen – wild and big club tune
Shiawww – cumbia sampled and let go on speed
Carnival Trip – deep and fun club sounds

Scattermusic releases DirtyBeats first official EP with remixes by Tom Piper, French Fries, Swick, Slap & Dash. A truely amazing package and DirtyBeats’ first official release. Really excited about this one, it’s been getting heaps of attention and support already and i think has already settled into a Scattermusic classic (in our minds anyway) Enjoy…

The fourth release on Scattermusic sees us traveling to a favourite Scatterblog part of the globe for modern music: Mexico. A young, relatively unknown duo, DirtyBeats have been hiding away in the Tijuanan desert jungle to put together an EP that truly captures the essence of Scattermusic.

The way the EP came together exemplifies the advantage of the blog/label hybrid. The track “Alone In The Jungle” was sent to the Scatterblog promo email and immediately picked up and posted. Romance was born and DirtyBeats were signed on for a multi-track release that has steadily grown into it’s own monster. The EP is like a deep-space voyage into the artists’ musical landscape: heavy on over-compressed basslines and obnoxious spacey vocals, combined with plenty of rave chords and sampled folk instruments.

“Alone In The Jungle” is a bouncey rendition of everything Scattermusic loves at the moment. A set of angry hand drums and wood sticks, strange synthy effects, hype screams set out in space-verb land and a huge deep bassline that you never truly appreciate until you hear it in a dark club at peak time. “Whats Happen” gets even more wild (and we mean wild) and dark. It’s a tune that always manages to make other DJ’s run up to the booth to stare at our computer screens. The raveyness is almost reminiscent of a Laidback Luke track – just add some explosions and some sort of amphetamine. “Shiaww” then steps into the territory of what sounds like an upbeat, freaked out Mexican Cumbia tune, if not by all the accordion then certainly by the cheesy sampled radio voice dominating with calls of “La chica sexy”. “Carnival Trip” comes in late, much like it should when you play it. Drawn out and brooding, yet constantly rolling, it references a minimal San Franciscan sound as much as it recalls Revolver, Melbourne at 8am.

The remixes throw us into four different areas of club music; a mix-mash of genres all brought together by one constant in the Scattermusic sound – “Hype”.
To call Tom Piper’s track exciting would be a gross understatement: it’s a tour de force in the art of remixing. After a few listens you might start to realise that there are almost no new sounds, everything is merely a well edited sample. French Fries takes the feel of the title track to a whole ‘nother level, really taking on the “Alone In The Jungle” theme. Moving away from his trademark Ghetto Bmore(ish) Club sound he invites us into a new world, sinister and minimal. Swick’s Tropical Club hit is completely infectious and spells out F.U.N. A young producer from Melbourne with an upcoming Scattermusic release, he needs to be watched with a close eye. Finally, with a trademark Ghetto Hip-Hop influenced Dance tune, Slap & Dash flip the whole release on it’s head – distorted marching drums, hectic percussion and phat, warm bass are no stranger here.

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