DaOthers and Andrea Saenz – Theorema EP

DaOthers and Andrea Saenz - Theorema

Pilot 6 Recordings
DaOthers & Andrea Saenz – Theorema (Unplugged Mix)
DaOthers & Andrea Saenz – (Eddy Karmona Remix)
DaOthers & Andrea Saenz – (Unplugged Mix)

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DaOthers and Andrea Saenz - Theorema EP

The Columbian producers Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz are special. Under their Da’Others moniker they were your pilots on ‘Flight 887’ and told you to ‘Viva La Vida!’. After asking ‘What Are You Watching On TV?’ they served you a delicious dish of ‘Spaghetti With Bumblebees’. Just as diverse as their track names, is the sound of their productions. But there’s one thing all of them have in common – they unite the best in house, electro and minimalistic techno, combined with a trancy feel.

Their new double release ‘Madison’ and ‘Theorema’ proves that once again. ‘Madison’ kicks off with bold beats and bass. It rises up to a break that produces a melodic, spacey soundscape, which is followed by a boom-the-bass tech-housey outro. ‘Theorema’ sounds has this sultry air feel that takes over right before a thunderstorm approaches. A deep baseline lets you know something big awaits you, while its lovely saxophone-line still carries a warm breeze of summer. The break builds ‘Theorema’ up to a dark storm of a record.

On the remix, we find Colombian producer Eddy Karmona. His remix of ‘Theorama’ is a true break in the clouds, with a melodic sunset touch to it all.

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