Cassius – 99

Cassius – 99
Cassius – 99 (Reset! remix)
Cassius – 99 (Tim Green remix)
A couple of words from Cassius: Finally it’s gonna be the first of a series of Cassius Gold: tracks that we’re gonna put out again, always remastered and remixed by fresh, crisp and talented people. […] Second and second to none we asked our friends and unofficial Cassius Records remixers from Milan ; The Reset! to have a go. After the fantastic remix they did of “Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarette holder“… The Reset! men did it again… and did it with a vengeance! It’s even funkyer, dirtyer,crazyer and more powerfull than the Y.S.T.C one, and also again very peak time… Both remixes we love and we’re proud of. They really epitomise the sound of Cassius Records, they also respect and emphasize this old song of ours… it was not an easy task and this team of one Englishman and four Italian ragazzi really made this idea of “Cassius Gold” come to life. For this we salute them and throw our hats at their enthusiasm and talent!!!! For those about to dance to “99” 10 years on, we salute you!!


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