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Mendo & Danny Serrano – Poupea

Tapas Recordings
Mendo & Danny Serrano - Poupea (Original Mix)
Mendo & Danny Serrano - Poupea (Emerson Todd Remix)
Mendo & Danny Serrano - Poupea (Uner Remix)
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" Mendo and Danny are a "couple" that took peoples attention for some time
now.Each release is memorable something that is a bit rare nowdays.
From the corners of Saved through Viva and Cadenza these personas
are a paradigma to follow.Their new dish on Tapas menu is something thats
gonna rock the rooms once more,including their punk samba attitude that
master so well.We couldnt help the temptation of adding some top notch remixes
to garniture our table.On duties we have some "random guys" that hear in the names
Emerson Todd and Uner.(Of course that was a joke...).Both versions are different
and unique that raise the bar of this instalation even higher.Uner is picking the pieces
from his last releases on labels like Bloop/Diynamic/2020Vision to name a few and
adds some further spices that burns slowly until the floor burst!Attention this thing is
hot and causes serius damage!On the other hand we give you Emerson Todd...
He is putting himself to the test and we cant expect nothing less than perfection.
He started pimping the original after the closings from dc 10 so we think he took the
"vibe"on his briliant mind and simply transformed it into sound.Thats all from Tapas
new menu ,we wanted to took ourselves to the next step and we think we succeded.
Take a stand and alure your apetites!"

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