Lutzenkirchen – Phuture Disco Vibes

Lutzenkirchen - Phuture Disco VibesGreat Stuff Recordings
Lutzenkirchen – Phuture Disco Vibes – Original Mix
Lutzenkirchen – Phuture Disco Vibes – Koen Groeneveld Remix
Lutzenkirchen – Funk Me Drunk – Original Mix
Lutzenkirchen – Summer Smile – Original Mix

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Lutzenkirchen - Phuture Disco Vibes

This is already Lutzenkirchen’s 12. release on Great Stuff during the past 6 years while it all started with his “Daily Disco” (GSR014) which included the first ever Boys Noize remix back in the days. With this new EP one can clearly see Luetzenkirchen’s remarkable metamorphosis during all the years from elektro house to techno and minimal up to his rather funky disco approach these days. This time it’s Netherlands first klubber Koen Groeneveld, who delivered a tough remix of the title track “Phuture Disco Vibes” for a perfect completion of this great EP.

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