Sam Maguire & Insain Mashup Pack

Sam Maguire & Insain  Mashup Pack

Sam Maguire with Insain back with a brand new mp3 dj edit pack. Listen and loud below

Included tracks:
1) Hooked Axel F (Sam Maguire Edit)
2) Florence And The Parade (Sam Maguire Edit)
3) Stronger & Bad (INSAIN Edit)
4)  Twisted Ghost Train (Sam Maguire Edit)
5)  All Stars & Blanke (INSAIN Edit)
6) Addiction & Imperium (INSAIN Edit)
7)  Jump Around & BYOB (INSAIN Transition 107-124BPM Edit)
8)  Sun Goes Madden (Sam Maguire Edit)
9)  Heads Will Sofa Surfin (Sam Maguire Edit)
10)  DaDaDaDa Lamborghini (INSAIN Edit)
11)  House Of San Frandisco (Sam Maguire Edit)

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